EDODWAJA – Futuristic Lab On Wheels- FLOW

Introducing “EDODWAJA – Futuristic Lab On Wheels- FLOW,” India’s first futuristic mobile laboratory designed to cater to the practical learning needs of students. With a capacity for 35+ students, this innovative bus is equipped with cutting-edge technologies including robotics, IOT, drones, AR/VR, 3D printing, Moving weather station, AI, and ML projects, etc… Powered by solar energy, FLOW offers practical learning which engages multiple sense organs, leading to better understanding and longer retention of information. By involving students in hands-on activities where they can touch, see, and hear, neurons in their brains form stronger connections, enhancing their ability to retain and comprehend concepts. This experiential approach allows students to learn from their mistakes and develop a deeper understanding of real-world applications, fostering heuristic learning which is crucial for their overall cognitive development.


FLOW offers three comprehensive programs: Innovate Urself, Design Urself, and Recreate Urself.

Innovate Urself: The journey begins with a pre-visit session in classrooms, setting the stage for student engagement. In the Innovate Urself phase, students are introduced to current technologies through lectures and Q&A sessions inside the mobile lab.
Design Urself: Next, students delve deeper into specific technologies using DIY kits. This phase promotes practical learning and real-world application, allowing students to engage directly with the technologies they learn about.
Recreate Urself: Finally, students can pursue their interests further through a mobile app or website. This platform provides theoretical insights, practical demonstrations, and opportunities for experimentation and collaboration, empowering students to continue their learning journey.


Through these programs, EDODWAJA aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills, nurturing students’ curiosity and empowering them to innovate and create in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

FLOW is more than just a mobile lab; it is a gateway to the future, bringing cutting-edge technology and practical learning directly to students, wherever they are.


With wonderful feedback from participants, Edodwaja aims to reach 30000+ students offline in a year, 100000+ students online and create an Innovative ecosystem in government and rural schools by bringing both private and government schools into a single agenda platform by conducting several competitions on future technologies.


With a goal to increase the number of innovators in our country and contribute to making India a global leader, EDODWAJA is now in its fourth year and committed to realizing this vision.

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