Edodwaja’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration

Date: 13th June, 2024

We are thrilled to share the joyous celebration of Edodwaja’s 3rd anniversary, which was held at our office. The event was graced by all our dedicated team members, supportive parents, and esteemed guests, including Mr. Chandrashekar Garu, Mr. Vikas Garu, Mr. Anil Garu, and our friends from the startup ecosystem: Mr. Karthik, Mr. Sajid, Mr. Ganesh, Mr. Sai, Mr. Tarun, Ms. Swathi, and Ms. Soundarya.

The program kicked off with an inspiring speech from Mr. Chandrashekar Garu, a constant supporter and guide since the inception of Edodwaja. His heartfelt words deeply motivated our founder, Mr. Madhulash Babu, and the entire team, encouraging us to embrace our responsibilities with even greater dedication.

Mrs. Durgamma Garu, the proud mother of Madhulash Babu, shared her perspective on Edodwaja’s remarkable growth and her son’s unwavering commitment to his vision. Her touching speech moved us all, reminding us of the hard work and dedication that has brought us to this milestone.

Following this, Mr. Pavan Kumar’s mother expressed her gratitude towards Madhulash for his unwavering support for Pavan. Her words highlighted the strong bonds and mutual support that have been crucial to our journey.

Mr. Vikas Garu, instrumental in making the launch of the Flow bus a reality, shared his insights and support that have been invaluable to Madhulash and the team. His speech on dreaming big and overcoming challenges was truly motivational, and he lauded Madhulash for his relentless efforts and steadfast commitment to his goals.
Our friends from the startup ecosystem – Mr. Sajid, Mr. Ganesh, Mr. Karthik, Ms. Swathi, Mr. Tarun, Ms. Soundarya, and Mr. Sai – congratulated Madhulash and the team for the incredible journey of Edodwaja. They expressed their happiness and pride in seeing Madhulash achieve his dreams, standing with us as an extended family.

Madhulash’s sister, Ms. Mounika, and his brother, Mr. Madhu Babu, also shared their joy and pride in his achievements. Their support has been crucial in turning the dream of Edodwaja into reality.

Pavan Kumar, our CTO and a pillar of support for Madhulash, reflected on his journey with Edodwaja. He expressed his gratitude to Madhulash and shared how fortunate he feels to have made the decision to join Edodwaja.

The man behind the vision, Mr. Madhulash Babu, the CEO of Edodwaja Pvt. Ltd, shared his inspiring journey of starting Edodwaja. He congratulated all the team members and extended his heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed to Edodwaja, directly or indirectly.
Several team members also shared their experiences, expressing their gratitude for being part of Edodwaja. The event culminated in a joyful cake-cutting ceremony and a photo session, followed by a delightful dinner.
The 3rd anniversary celebration was a memorable day for everyone involved, marking not just our past achievements but also setting a positive tone as we embark on our 4th year with renewed enthusiasm and commitment.

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