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We all know a famous quotation “Knowledge is power” but it is a wrong assumption. Knowledge is only potential power. It completely becomes power only when it is organized into definite plans of actions.For example : You are learning a programming language like C. Then without stopping learning, continue your learning process by updating your programming skills by learning new programming languages which are in real time demand. Research about it and start learning. Then dont leave it there itself, start doing projects on the learned concepts. Theoretical concepts do not provide complete knowledge on the subject so we have to put it into the form of the action. If you learn only the theoretical concepts there is a chance of even forgetting the concept. So a student must have both theoretical and practical knowledge.

This blog is written by taking the reference from the famous book “Think and grow rich” written by “Napoleon Hill”. In that book the author categorized the knowledge into 2 divisions. One is general knowledge and the other is specialized knowledge. We all know that general knowledge is nothing but knowing the information about the facts in the universe which may be related to history, science, politics, culture, mythology etc. But having the general knowledge, irrespective of the amount of it, leads to a small number of earnings from it. Having General knowledge is not a bad thing but depending only on the general knowledge may not help to earn more money. Knowledge has no
value until it is utilized and organized in the proper way. When we don’t execute what we have learnt into a proper action only 80 percent of the knowledge is acquired. That’s why NAPOLEON HILL in his book mentioned clearly stating that education system is missing one link and that is how to teach students “HOW TO ORGANIZE AND USE KNOWLEDGE AFTER THEY ACQUIRE IT”Students nowadays are facing the same issue and many graduates are jobless due to the reason they are not taught how to use their knowledge in earning money in an organized way.


In today’s generations the meaning for the word education has totally changed because of lack of practical knowledge. Along with practical knowledge a person should also have specialized knowledge. In the book written by “NAPOLEON HILL” the author gave importance to specialized knowledge in chapter 5. According to the specialized knowledge, any man is educated who knows where to get knowledge when he needs it and how to organize that knowledge into definite plans of action. So specialized knowledge is a combination of both theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge, where the theoretical knowledge is acquired from gathering knowledge from different sources and organizing that knowledge into a definite plan of action is obviously having practical knowledge. So every student should have specialized knowledge.

Not every person is capable of remembering various contents and information, but in case of specialized knowledge we don’t have to remember information, we should only have an idea regarding the source where we can get the possible solution for your
related question. Henry Ford won the case against him, which was filed calling him an “ignorant pacifist”. During the court discussion Henry Ford proved himself that he was not an ignorant pacifist by saying that “why should I clutter my mind with general knowledge, for the purpose of being able to answer the questions, when I have men around me who can supply any knowledge I require?” With this answer, everyone realized that Henry Ford is not an ignorant pacifist but he is a man of education. This sentence says that when we are capable of getting the knowledge from the sources then why should we have general knowledge. Most of the riches have specialized knowledge rather than general knowledge. So we must inculcate the habit of developing specialized knowledge rather than general knowledge.

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