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Basic knowledge on emerging technologies is very important to today’s generation kids. Not every school is providing good practical knowledge for the students. They are simply following the guidelines from the higher officials. Today’s generation kids are not having idea how to plan their future because they don’t know what to do next. Some might be having goals to prepare a robot, become a scientist, researcher etc. but they don’t have any guidance about it. Keeping all these points in view, a group of youngsters have started a company named as “EDODWAJA”.

The Mission of this company is to provide practical education to the students and guide them in their journey of success.

On 24th of November EDODWAJA visited the ZPHS government school with all the equipment’s and projects to teach. Recently EDODWAJA visited a school named “ZPHS” in Nizampet, Hyderabad. The team of ‘EDODWAJA’ first given the overview of all the courses they provide. EDODWAJA provides 5 courses named: Entrepreneurship, Robotics, Internet of Things, Finance, Web Technology.

EDODWAJA provides basic knowledge of all courses in the beginning so that the student can select the course of their interest. They taught the courses to the students of class 8th and 9th. All the sections of these classes are divided among their interest of course. Based on their interest 8th class students selected robotics and 9th A class students selected entrepreneurship and remaining selected finance.

EDODWAJA started by first motivating the students regarding the emerging technologies and their benefits of learning at the earliest stages and planning ahead for the further goals.


Teachers of EDODWAJA taught the students theoretically and practically. Coming to the sessions they started with knowing the answers from the students as they were so enthusiastic to know about the new things. In this course they introduced various platforms. During robotics mostly students were involved in designing projects. Along with these students were exposed to different projects using ARDUINO. Students enjoyed the session and learnt about many things. Many were coming up with their own ideas of designing a robot. In the middle of sessions students were asked to answer from their point of view.

During the entrepreneurship session students learnt how to start a start-up. Maximum school students do not know that small start-ups can be started at the earliest stage of their life. Many might be having their own ideas but they don’t know how to convert it into business so EDODWAJA is like a supporting and helping hand for the students who want to achieve something great in their life. Among with this EDODWAJA also taught FINANCE to the students. We all know the purpose of the money and its advantages, but at the student age we don’t know the ways of earning money. So, all such topics are taught by EDODWAJA.



During these sessions students learn the concepts by performing the activities. During the robotics session kits were provided to the students to work and learn with hands on. Students don’t get bored while they are involved in the activities at the same time, they show some interest and start thinking creatively. That’s the reason EDODWAJA is striving to provide practical education to the students.

Mr. Murthy sir helped the EDODWAJA team in every aspect. All the school faculty were supportive and have helped in making the day wonderful for the students who have attended sessions. The faculty felt happy that their students are learning new things and they encouraged the students to involve more in learning emerging new technologies.



Taking all the student’s performance 2 students were awarded with 2 exciting gifts from EDODWAJA. Along with these students were encouraged by giving them ‘appreciation certificate’ and remaining students are encouraged by giving them participation certificate. At the end of session feedback forms were given to the students to take the feedback from them. Faculty and principal of the school supported EDODWAJA a lot in conducting these sessions. EDODWAJA is going to visit more educational institutions in the coming days to spread the journey of knowledge to the students over the nation.




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  1. Congrats on your first step! Just like this continue to inspire the young minds. All the best for your future endeavors.

  2. I reside in Egypt and people here need to know this valuable information, and I have been yours for a long time. The truth is your information is very useful. I hope you continue to publish at this wonderful level for the benefit to prevail.

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