Importance of Practical Learning

There lived a boy named Haneesh in a well-known city, who is studying 5th standard in an XYZ school. He goes regularly to school, attends classes and he is getting good grades in every standard. After school hours, Haneesh plays with his friends and sometimes also plays with electronic gadgets. One day, Haneesh with his friends were playing with a remote-controlled helicopter on a playground. All his friends along with Haneesh were playing happily and suddenly the toy helicopter crashes onto the ground. Haneesh goes to his father and asks him to repair it. Father tells that he doesn’t know how to set it right but says that Haneesh will learn it in his higher standards. After listening to his father’s words haneesh studies well and gets good marks. Along with this he never let down his curiosity to learn the answer to the questions he raised to his faculty and father. 


It was the time of 10th class results, haneesh scored good grades but he did not get the answer to the question he raised when he was a kid.

During the discussion with his friends, haneesh comes to know that to get the answer to his curious question he has to pursue engineering. With huge efforts, haneesh gets into a good engineering college. He studies well and finally completes engineering with huge efforts. The thing is, in engineering, he studies everything theoretically but never exhibited them practically. Even after completing 4 years of engineering he did not get the answer to his question. Along with this, while studying engineering, Haneesh’s curiosity decreased with time. Along with the time, haneesh forgets the question itself and starts his life leading like a common man.

Like every other man, haneesh marries and had a son named hemal who is studying 5th standard in the school named XYZ. One day hemal’s remote-controlled helicopter got crashed and comes to haneesh and asks to repair it. Haneesh asked the same question to his father and after 15 years hemal asked the same question to haneesh and haneesh does not know the answer. At that time haneesh remembers the same situation when he asked the same question to his father.

With this story, we can say that education has not changed from haneesh time to hemal time. Practical learning plays an important role in every student’s life. 

This is because in the education system we study the same syllabus which has been followed for many years back. Students are changing year by year, and outside technology is being updated day by day but the content we are studying in our education system is not updated. Haneesh and hemal both could not repair the toy helicopter because they were not aware of the outside technologies and they were not guided by them.


Edodwaja is an edutech startup that provides practical learning and hands-on experience to students studying from 5th to college students on the latest technologies. Edodwaja provides labs on wheels program where a mobile vehicle is equipped with many latest technologies and the vehicle is taken to different educational institutions to create awareness among students regarding outside technologies. With Edodwaja, there would be no student who faces the same situation as hemal and haneesh.

In this story, the main concept is not regarding helicopters it’s about the technologies that many are not aware of, instead of helicopters many people might have faced similar situations with different scenarios in their life.


Edodwaja is not just a teaching platform, it is a place where you can dream, strive and achieve your goals.

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