Knowledge cannot be judged by grades

Knowledge Cannot be judged by grades.
A person who score’s less might have more knowledge than a top graded student in their class. Constantly calling him dumb or putting more pressure on the student might effect their logical thinking. Treating low scored students in a different manner will effect the child subconsciously. All students might not be thinking in a similar way. knowledge Cannot be measured by scores. Few students might have good knowledge in regular subjects whereas other students might have good knowledge in other subjects or extra curricular activities. Albert Einstein says ” Everybody have equal knowledge. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, then it will live its entire life believing that it is dumb.” Instead of putting pressure on students, identifying their strengths & interests and encouraging them would create a positive impact on the student.

According to a survey, There are more than 250 student suicide cases per year. This happens Because of the ill treatment of the students at schools and home based on their scores. psychologists say that being rude or harsh with students might lead them to depression. Hence, we need to consider that all the students have equal knowledge and treat them with love & care.

There are many students who are always willing to learn and improve their knowledge but due to lack of resources they are not keeping upto the mark. few students might even be afraid to go and ask their doubts to teachers or fellow students as they might tease them. If students who score less are willing to learn but they are not seeking for help, then take a stand and try to explain them and help them. Instead, if the students are not treated equally or forcefully making only the low scored student to study for more than 10hrs without any practical knowledge (or) frequently insulting/teasing them, judging them, isolating them from other students, not allowing the children to go out and play might effect the child mentally. Children might think they are not normal unlike their peers. This leads to a very uncomfortable situation and eventually might lead to depression

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