What is lacking in Mordern Education System?

Education is the backbone of any society. Without proper education, a society cannot progress. Education has been evolving since its inception. The traditional method of education has changed over the years, and now it has transformed into a modern education system.

The education system in India suffers from some serious lacunae. These include preference for good marks/grades over being knowledgeable, lack of encouragement for thinking out of the box (asking questions in the class is considered rude and seldom encouraged; almost non-existent practice of extra reading; education restricted to prescribed textbook and help/guide books, and that too limited to 24 hrs. before the examination day!), rigid and outdated curriculum, heavily underpaid professors/teachers (bright minds stay away from this career; professors don’t show much zeal for teaching, they just “go through” the motions), only a few colleges with good quality of education where you have to be in the top elite to gain admission besides there being a lack of passion for education in the real sense (most students go for engineering/medicine on the advice of “elders”!).

1. Spoon Feeding: Our schools and colleges spoon feed the students. Students are not given any freedom to make their choices or make mistakes to further learn from them. Everything is prepared and fed to the students. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of the present education system.

2. Examinations: In the modern education system, a student’s knowledge is evaluated through examinations. This is another disadvantage of the modern education system. Exams are not the way to judge someone’s knowledge and skills. They create a divide and an unhealthy competition among students. And it even discourages the other students …as they give more preference to the fast learner students…

3. No Education: The modern education system leaves no time to get educated. Information is thrown at students and they have to grasp it. They have to learn it, but not understand it. This is another disadvantage of the present education system.

The students simply learn for the sake of learning and complete the syllabus as directed. They have no idea why they are in school and why they are taking the course they choose. They fail to connect the dots as they are facing an existential crisis, which is regular in the current generation.

If we want to make education the driving vehicle to success, then the current system needs to focus on offering support to teachers. Young people will have the interest to learn if they see learning as meaningful, important and worthwhile. That’s how the teachers need to present it.

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  1. After reading the topic several times, I feel that I need to republish it on my blog. After the admin’s permission, I will share the topic on my personal page. I hope for more useful topics of this type.

  2. i noticed it to school teach us to learn more and more fact rather than training our mind and how to leave life on own these types of subject thanks for your post it it very good subscribed to your blog.

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